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    Preston Asevedo

    Preston Asevedo is a self taught, traditional artist. Asevedo is a Louisiana fantasy and science fiction artist; noted for comic books, paperback covers, paintings, posters, album covers and other media. Always being a fan of comics, it was only a matter of time before he applied his skills to comic art.  Asevedo was first published with the comic book “Rockabilly…

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    Jack Olesker

    24/7 Production, Inc. motion picture and television production company CEO Jack Olesker has a career that spans nearly four decades and has included writing, directing and producing many projects.  He was born on Valentine’s Day in Chicago and was educated at Bradley University, majoring in Journalism.  He served as an Aerospace Medic, assigned to a helicopter search-and-rescue team in the United States Air…

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    Chris Achilleos

    Chris Achilleos is a painter and illustrator who specializes in fantasy artwork and glamour illustration. His work has appeared in Heavy Metal and Radio Times magazines, on book covers (including series based on the Conan the Barbarian character, TV’s Doctor Who and the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series), and in collections of his own work. He has also participated in various film projects including Heavy Metal and Willow as a conceptual artist, (his iconic poster image commissioned in 1980 featuring Taarna…

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    Lynette Eklund

    Lynette Eklund has been in the special effect industry since she was 20. Her work comes in all sizes, from stop-motion miniatures to full-size dinosaurs. With over 50 IMDb television and film credits to her name, she has contributed to Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, Beetlejuice, Species I & II, the Emmy Award winning miniseries The Stand,…

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    Doug Rice

    At age 68, the easiest way to describe Doug Rice’s life is that he is a veteran of the United States Air Force, the comics industry, and the animation industry – coming away with an Honorable Discharge, the 1985 San Diego Con’s Russ Manning “Most Promising Newcomer” Award (at age 34), and a Daytime Emmy certificate, respectively. In terms of any skills…

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    Jason C. Gares

    Jason C. Gares of Video Workbench Productions produces original documentary films and series that can be viewed on Amazon Prime, Facebook Watch, Vimeo & YouTube platforms.In 1992 Video Workbench started out as an independent, eight-part, instructional how-to, direct to VHS video series that helped plastic model kit hobbyists hone their craft with tips, tricks and techniques previously only seen in magazines. Those same titles…

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    Charles D. Moisant

    CHARLES D. MOISANT, is a comic book Publisher, artist, writer, and the creative director of Silver Phoenix Entertainment (a 100% female owned company). Charles has been publishing comic books since 1991, starting with Kremin. Silver Phoenix Entertainment works with many artists, printing comic titles like Myth Told Tales by Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye, Mystery Manor Haunted Theatre, and Whispers from the Void. Charles is also known for his Roller Derby Drama, which is loosely based on the Chicago Outfit Roller Derby Team. Charles can usually be found on his roller skates at Silver Phoenix Entertainment promoting some of the newer titles…

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    Jason Scholte

    Lead Devil Studio is a media studio for artist, writer, and actor Jason Scholte. Jason, who is originally from Chicago, Illinois, has been an artist since he was able to hold a pencil. He has been doing artwork for people since fifth grade ranging from portraits and comic art to murals and graphic design. It was in eighth grade he…

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    Exploding Carrots

    Have you ever been so tired that EVERYTHING was funny? Like riotously hilarious. At least one time during every Comic Con weekend, there comes this moment. You know you are tired, and the situation in front of you is just bonkers! So, you giggle. You struggle for air, snicker until your eyes water, and you make Mutley proud.  I am…

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    I’ll Fly away!

    Our first trip with a great team of artists went well! We all flew away to Dubai! Getting to spend so much time with a GREAT group of people motivates us all! This team is ready to go to the next event, and we are looking to book more shows.