Jason Scholte

Lead Devil Studio is a media studio for artist, writer, and actor Jason Scholte. Jason, who is originally from Chicago, Illinois, has been an artist since he was able to hold a pencil. He has been doing artwork for people since fifth grade ranging from portraits and comic art to murals and graphic design. It was in eighth grade he was exposed to the urban style of art such as graffiti. He had his fair share in doing that style around Chicago while in high school and, noticing people liked the style, he decided to try and make money from it. In his sophomore year, he promoted himself as an urban artist to do murals and designs and soon he was able to make money for his future education.

He attended the Art Institute of Illinois where he enrolled in the program Media Arts and Animation. While attending, he worked at a publishing company where he learned techniques and methods to publishing books. An injury from an accident brought Jason to Houston, Texas and he continued at the Art Institute of Houston finishing with a degree in Animation Design in 2003. Jason worked on numerous projects that involved 3D graphics and animation for most of 2004 until another injury sidelined him. The injury forced him to reteach himself to draw and, in doing so, has merged his urban style with a comic book style of art.

Since 2017, Jason has taken on numerous projects including his current ones of the online comic “The Delivery Men”, the future mini comic series “Kicking the Habit”, and a web series based on his life called “Diary of a Diabetic”. With all he has endured, Jason has managed to come back from obscurity and with some luck and success, he will continue to do what he always wanted in life, to give people some time away from life by entertaining them.