About Us

Meet the Team

Starting out with hand-picked professionals lends an air of comfort and an immediate sense of team. People with common goals and drive combining their skills to create a balanced crew to navigate clients through booking, travel, appearances, party planning, and so many more events. We aim to allow our clients to focus on their creative expertise while we focus on the details of successful events.

Ginger M. Simon

President and Founder

Stacey Hanna

Chief Research Officer

Cheryl McSorely Rebsch

Event Designer

What We Do

International Bookings

 We provide our clients with the opportunity to meet their international fandom. We are developing a catalog of shows for our team to submit as Guest or purchase tables for Artist Alley.

Domestic Bookings

We also maintain a catalog of domestic shows for any clients that require assistance in scheduling those opportunities as well. We are happy to help you find a new domestic fan base for sharing your creations.

Club/Event Appearances

After the daytime events are all over, are you looking for a person to be a special guest at your nightlife event or Comic Book store opening? Please contact us to submit an offer

Event Planning & Production

For over 20 years, Ginger and Cheryl anve been planning marketing and producing events from small to major including benefits, parade, concerts, parties, festival, cooking competitions, exhibitions, conventions, and many more. Contact us to begin to plan your next event.