Magpie welcomes our new client Nathan McCree! The composer best known for Tomb Raider.

Dubai, Middle East Film and Comic Con, after the show

The Magpie Agency has been and continues to develop catalog of Domestic and International shows that allow us to place you with your fandom. We have been successful booking  shows and providing a polished image so we can get you out there with your fans worldwide.

As the founder of the Magpie Agency, Ginger Simon brings over 20 years of experience in event planning, event production, and talent relations.

With a handpicked staff, Ms. Simon can provide assurance that you will be pleased as she and her staff will be available to travel with you to shows to provide agent on-site services at international bookings. We can handle travel arrangements, provide sales support at the shows, and make sure your booking contract is fulfilled. We want to make sure you can focus on engaging with your fans.

The Magpie Agency will obtain bookings by developing a professional representation to showcase you and your professional body of work. We aim to get to know your style, and make sure you are offering up in the market where your fandom awaits.