Nathan McCree

Nathan McCree is a composer we have all been listening to for years and we have been enjoying it!  Nathan McCree created the music for Tomb Raider and over a dozen other video games we know by heart.  Check out his IMDB and Wiki for just a few of the titles he has worked on.  He worked also with high-profile names such as the Spice Girls and Orange. In 2008, he became full-time Audio Director for Vatra Games where he worked until 2010. After this, he became Audio Director at City Interactive in Warsaw where he worked on Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 and Alien Rage.

Magpie wants to bring him to your show.  Bringing another income and exposure level to your event by working with your local Symphony!  His Team includes Alison Carroll, Shelley Blond, and Tom George. 

From PAX East 2018 –

Tomb Raider: Live In Concert – “In the Blood” at the Apollo, London 2016 –