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Ginger Simon, President


C.K. O’Neal, Social Media

One of the most well-rounded and respected individuals in the film industry, CK O’Neal has become instrumental in all areas of production for both independent and mainstream film. Her credits range from producer, key hair and makeup artist, costumer, and actress, to other areas such as production secretary, casting director, and first assistant director.

Raised as an oil brat in different locations around the globe, CK grasped a creative eye for many different cultures and art found in all walks of life. She became an international thespian, which led to her love for independent film and every aspect of production, merging an intense business savvy with her artistic talents. With fifteen years experience in the retail and restaurant management fields, CK developed a keen sense of management style and organization. Her ability to provide respected leadership has attributed to successful and marketable projects across a wide range of entertainment genres. Some of her more prestigious credits include roles in such productions as Friday Night Lights, Barbershop Blues, and Paradise, Texas.

As a Producer with Angel Comics, CK pulls together the talents of the team to form a structured plan of execution for a highly marketable series of films with many different auxiliary opportunities. She is the owner and founder of Indfilmz, an independent film production company, as well as branching out into her own marketing and public relations company #MyCrazyFabLife . Her passion for the artistry behind independent film, coupled with her leadership style and business acumen will make her a driving force in the film industry for years to come.

My mottos:
“With great passion, authenticity is inevitable.”
“Adapt or become  Aniquated “

This is : #MyCrazyFabLife

Rosario Pena, Publicist

Growing up on the outskirts of Houston, Rosario Pena dreamed of working in Hollywood. Years later, that dream came to fruition, first a producer of a local live radio show then eventually as a regional publicist for feature films here in Houston and throughout the southwest. Starting out as a promotion assistant at Reinhart Marketing and quickly learning all facets of regional publicity and public relations under owner Cindy Reinhart. With 12 years of film publicity experience, clients included Miramax Films, Dimension Films, Picturehouse, Lionsgate, FilmDistrict; films included Monster, The Rum Diaries, Spy Kids film series, Saw series, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, La Vie En Rose, Chicago and with personal appearance tours of John Grisham, Jane Seymour, Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, Alexa Vega, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. For the past five years, Rosario has been Director of Media Relations for Comicpalooza, a multi-day, multi-format international celebration of pop culture, handling interviews and convention event publicity.

Richard Rodriguez

Website Design and Consultation