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Exploding Carrots

Have you ever been so tired that EVERYTHING was funny? Like riotously hilarious. At least one time during every Comic Con weekend, there comes this moment. You know you are tired, and the situation in front of you is just bonkers! So, you giggle. You struggle for air, snicker until your eyes water, and you make Mutley proud.  I am sneaking this first blog post in here to share some humor from the Con Life. You might want to read fast before Ginger catches me taking the first turn after she asked me to build this website!

Alamo City Comic Con. LOVED it! I worked so hard, but it was so fulfilling. I once thought I was cool, calm and collected. I’ve already met some big names in the industry, and I was proud of the crew I worked with to get the job done. I have made some really great friends at conventions. A good team of volunteers was at Alamo City. Every volunteer was friendly, and taking care of us all very well.

So, dork me was walking through the lobby and I see a favorite of my own (and my children) walking towards me. I am going to play it cool. Nope. I did the actual head nod paired with “Wassup?” Yep. Straight dork. Was that ever cool? Nope. This same person, I ran into him all weekend. We seemed to be on the same schedule or something. In the hotel at the grill, at breakfast, in the Green Room, in the elevator. Yeah, call security, it’s the dork girl again. Ginger says, “So he’ll remember you when we see him again?” Maybe, but I bet he calls security on me. I often wonder how goofy I look when I get all flustered. I think he knows what THAT looks like!

I have honestly only worked Transportation, or Airport Greeter before this last weekend. Working all day in close quarters with a childhood idol was not quite intimidating. Almost, but not quite. I got to see the magic of art rolling off his fingertips. The artist next to us (Tom Bancroft!!!!!) was so wonderfully talented too. Let me back up to the part where I was a dork. A fangirl reaction is not my usual reaction. I was asked to work at the table in Artist Boulevard with Guy Gilchrist. I did all my weird fangirl giggling the night before. This was the best weekend at a convention I have had since I got to sit with My Lady (Lady Patricia Quinn) to keep her company. We got along well, and Guy had a busy weekend. Guy Gilchrist is so good with his fans, and he mentors the budding artists! I am a fan of all his characters, and you can see that he is too. By the time the weekend was over, I had the privilege of watching art being created with many of my favorite childhood characters as its focus. What do artists do when they go out to dinner? Yep, they draw on napkins, note pads, and each other’s doodles!

For my first outing as an assistant to the artist, I think I did well. I know I was tired because on the way home, nothing was funnier the entire weekend than our stop at a Love’s truck stop. Clyde got gasoline, while Ginger and I picked up some healthy snacks, a few drinks, and made our way to the cashier. I put the items on the counter and watched as she started to bag our items. My elbow touched the sealed clear cup with the carrots in it, and it exploded. Carrots flew everywhere behind me. I learned that carrots have gas. As we struggled to giggle our way back to the SUV, the cashier was glad we had exploding carrots and not gunfire in the store!