Meagan Tanner

Local Houston artist Meagan Tanner shows a passion for art and storytelling by writing, drawing, and creating characters and interesting settings in her own Dark Fantasy comic book series. Her comic book series Chaotic Nation is a lush world of warriors and is a project showcasing her own writing, art, and production. This independent comic is about Karians who were first born during the cataclysm. Once human, the race mutated. They became stronger, faster, and changed in physical appearance and magical ability. In a world already devastated, a rebellion rises to defend the dwindling human race from the growing fear of the Karian army. Their one hope may lie in a mysterious mage whose kind heart has the courage to stand against the oppression and torture brought on by the impending war. In the eleven years as in independent comic book artist, she has managed to cultivate a fandom from the mainstream and anime worlds.