Mark A Nelson

Harvey Award nominated artist Mark A. Nelson worked on the first Aliens series at Dark Horse with Mark Verheiden.  Co-created two limited series, one at Marvel (Epic Line): Feud with Mike Baron and one at DC Vertigo: Blood and Shadows with Joe Lansdale and worked on the Clive Barker line of comics Nightbreed, Hellraiser and Pinhead” at Marvel. Further work at Marvel as a inker:  “Marshall Law Takes Manhattan” on Kevin O’Neil , Spiderman Annual, various X-men pages, inked Mike Mignola in “Hellraiser”  inked Todd MacFarlane on “GI Joe”, and Tony Harris in “Nightbreed”.  DC work includes DC Who’s Who, Green Lantern, Huntress, Big Book Series, and more. Dark Horse work includes Godzilla covers, Dark Horse Presents, Abe Sapien Story with John Arcudi, Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard, Fear Agent, and more. He has also inked artists: Graham Nolan, Joe Staton, Stan Woch, Jeff Butler, and more. Other clients include First Comics, Eclipse Comics, Kitchen Sink Comics, Just Imagine Comics and others.

 Along with traditional comics Mark worked with Graphic Classics to bring classic literature writer’s stories to the Sequential art world: such writers as O. Henry, Jack London, H.P. Lovecraft, and others.

From Pencils to Inks was a 24 chapter of How to Draw Comics article published by Hero Illustrated in monthly installments.

Mark’s work is also represented in the fantasy field.  TSR: Dungeons and Dragons he worked as an interior artist for the 2nd Edition series of game modules, the Monster Manuals, interior work and covers for Dungeon and Dragon Magazines, and on their chose your own adventure books.  He worked for FASA as an interior artist on various aspects of the Shadowrun and Earthdawn line. Within the fantasy card artwork clients include Magic the Gatherings, Five Rings, FASA, Palliard Press, White Wolf, among others. His work has been juried into Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art in numerous volumes and has also served as an Artist juror in Issue # 20 and Siler Award Winner in Issue #21.

Book covers and interior illustrations for various independent Book Publishers: Cemetery Dance and Subterranean Press by authors Joe Lansdale, Ray Bradbury, Tad Williams and more. Current publications: “Innsmouth: The Lost drawings of Mannish “with Stephen Smith at Atlas Press and upcoming: “World creation and Creature Design” with Dover publications.

Mark was also a Senior Artist at Ravensoft working on such video games as: Star Trek: Elite Force, Jedi Knights, Quake 4, Soldier of Fortune, Heretic 2, and concept work on other games. At PI studios was the Art Director in charge of internal IP.

As an Educator, Mark was a full Professor of Art at Northern Illinois University, Lead Teacher in Animation Area at Madison Area Tech College, Professor of Sequential Art at Savannah College of Art and Design. He has also taught workshops across the country at various colleges and conventions.