Josef Rubinstein

Josef “Joe” Rubinstein is a comic book artist and inker, most associated with inking Marvel Comics’ The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and the 1982 four-issue Wolverine miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. He is also known to be the one to have given artist Art Adams his first professional work.

Primarily working as an inker, his artwork has been published by major U.S. comics publishers including Marvel ComicsDC Comics and Dark Horse Comics. However, he first entered the industry as an office assistant to Neal Adams and Dick Giordano at Continuity Associates. While working this position, he learned how to ink from Giordano.[2]

Among his extensive inking credits (which include more than 2,500 comic books), were work with Michael Golden on MicronautsJim Starlin‘s Warlock and Aquaman with Don Newton. Later assignments included a mini-series for Dark Horse Comics called Archenemies, and co-inked issues of DC Comics‘s Ionmini-series and Green Arrow/Black Canary In 2016 he was inducted into the Joe Sinnott Inkwell Hall of Fame.

Joe was also the first artist for Gambit, Elektra, and Apocalypse!

Mr. Rubinstein does commissions at his table, sells prints, signs comics and books.