George Giordano

George Giordano is the Owner of PCND/FX Studios and Fabrication Supervisor at SOTA FX. He is a double Oscar winner and multiple industry award-winning Stunt and Special Effects Coordinator as well as Actor and Director.  His new movie Death House receiving many accolades and possibly creating a new genre of Horror. Projects in the works include Star Wars, Aliens feature, Death House 2, Assassin’s Creed as an actor, stuntman and props, and many more to list.

He is currently filming the first reality show from Lucas Studio with Adam Savage, Survivorman, Les Stroud, and Roy Knyrim.

George also owns and runs a Mobile Movie Prop Museum and can build a custom set for your Convention or Bring a wonderful array of oversized props for a large booth or smaller items like the Ant-Man suit, Predator Head, Xenomorph from the new Aliens movie, Star Wars items etc for a signing booth.