Cavin Lam

      Hi, my name is Cavin. I’m a cosplayer, costume designer, engineer and a prop maker based in Hong Kong. I started cosplay on 2014, I didn’t have any experience on costume making and prop maker back to the start. Until now, I have created numbers of Spider-Man suit and props. My all-time favourite superhero is Spider-Man. I was obsessed with Spidey when I was a child. My first costume was a The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit. It wasn’t look so decent and it was sewn by my seamstress on that time.


In 2017, after the release of the MCU Spider-Man Homecoming trailer, I decided to make a movie accurate replica of it. I studied on different kinds of fabric and screen-printing technique to replicate the texture on that suit. However, I want to do one step further. I designed a faceshell and lenses that can replicate the “Shutter” effect on the movie’s CGI. The lenses were based on a simple design of a Chinese lion-dance puppet that could activate by my jaws. I have upgraded the design to version 18 with coding and by adding some electronic components in it. I was lucky enough to get a chance to send one of my mask to the co-creator of Spidey— Stan Lee. He signed on my mask and I even had a chance to meet him on SDCC 2017. That was a great experience to me, not just meeting the creator of my favourite Marvel character, it is my first time going to a foreign comic con. It really broadened my horizon. That trip to San Diego encouraged me to step into the level of my cosplay career.


      During my final year of study, I started my own workshop and started to step in more on producing movie-grade Spider-Man suit and props. In this year, I have self-learned how to make a suit pattern digitally, so I could create my own sewing pattern. Moreover, I could recreate the movie suit’s texture with screen-printing technique. Not to be mention, I have learned how to sew a full skin-tight suit with my original sewing pattern and my next project will be the new suit from the new Spider-Man movie “Spider-Man Far From Home” on next year. 


      I have mentioned I’m not just a costume designer. I made props that can recreate CGI too. My first project is the mechanical lenses that could recreate the “Shutter” effect from the movie. I have created a version that can be controlled hands-free in different expressions. I posted that video on my Instagram and twitter pages. Both went viral in the internet; the video has reached 350K views on Instagram and 3M views on Twitter. It encouraged me to keep going on. In this summer, I have created a V2 replica of the Iron Spider suit from the movie— Avengers 3 Infinity war. I made 4 mechanical legs attached to my back and can be controlled individually by a wireless switch that hidden in my 3D printed web-shooter. During the process of creating the mechanical legs, I have learned how to do 3D printing and 3D modelling, some of the parts of the legs were 3D printed and I’m going to make a V3 of it with a more accurate movement. And I did post a video of it before I taking it SDCC 2018. The video had reached 1.2M views on Twitter and 373K views on Instagram. And I even have a chance to meet the creator of the MCU Spider-Man suit — Ryan Meinerding at SDCC 2018.