Brian Salinas

Brian Salinas is a Houston Texas based artist originally getting his start in 1993 with Cutting Edge Comics and Space City Comics, with his creator owned comic book character Sundog.  Brian decided to take a break from the industry to raise his family.

With the encouragement of his wife, Brian re-emerging in 2011, in which he started work with New Jersey based comic book company Advent Comics for 3 years, while with this company he was given the opportunity to draw legendary characters Nexus and Baron Karzon from the Micronauts on a crossover cover event for the company. With Advent Comics, he has done character creation, covers and sequential art. Brian has also worked with various small press companies over the last few years, has drawn likenesses for some WWE icons for website PWTorch, and has also had an opportunity to create a wrestling suit for Lucha Libre wrestler Melina Perez. Recently, Brian has decided to take a break from working on other comic book company’s characters and has focused on creating his own creator owned property in hopes of launching it in 2018.