Bob Layton

Bob Layton is one of the entertainment industry’s true visionaries at every level: creator, writer, artist, designer, and entrepreneur, with over 6,400 comic book credits to his name, a creative yardstick rivaled only by the late Stan Lee himself.
Like Lee, Bob Layton has successfully migrated from comics to other media, including television, animation and feature films.
If you’ve seen the Iron Man movies, then you’re familiar with Bob’s work. Bob reinvented the Iron Man comic in the late 1970s, taking it from near-cancellation to one of Marvel’s all-time bestselling series. Bob also is credited as the co-creator of Marvel’s War Machine, as well as the co-creator of the new Ant-Man (Scott Lang, The Ghost, etc.) and many of the characters appearing in the hit Marvel films “Ant-Man” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp”. Bob created the villain Firefist who appeared in “Deadpool 2”.
Bob, with DC’s President Paul Levitz, created The Huntress, who appears in the upcoming Warner Brothers film “Birds of Prey”, played onscreen by Mary Elisabeth Winstead.
Bob Layton was co-architect of the original Valiant Comics Universe and served as that company’s Vice President and Editor-In-Chief.  Under Layton’s creative management, he guided the venture capital start-up to eventually becoming the third-largest comic publisher in North America in 1993.  Layton’s successes led to the eventual sale of Valiant for a staggering $65M in 1995. Valiant Comics continues to thrive to this day and is currently creating motion pictures based on Bob’s original creations, such as “Bloodshot” starring Vin Diesel for Sony Pictures which premieres in February 2020. Another Layton/Valiant creation, “Dr. Mirage”, is making it’s way to television on the CW next fall.
Bob has creative credits in ten Marvel Studios films, as well as a host of other television and movie acknowledgments, and has worked with such luminaries as Academy Award Nominees Edward James Olmos and Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau, Kevin Feige, Howard Stern, Scott Winant, David Nutter and the late George Romero, to name a few.
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